Your Crazy (In a Good Way) Momma!

Coen and…soon, Addy…yo momma is crazy! (In a good way). This woman is such a hard worker that she’s literally been returning and making work-related phone calls from the comfort of her hospital bed.

(Front office assistant on other end of phone): “Sara, where are you?” “Uh…giving birth,” your momma said. Now, who would do that? Your momma, I tell ya! That’s who! 

Just shows you what a tremendous work ethic your momma has. She’s given birth to one (soon, two) of you and been earning the financial means to keep our family afloat the last 3 years. She’s my hero, and she’ll be yours too!

I guess after Coen’s delivery 3 and a half years ago, Addy’s arrival will be a comparative piece of cake. But let’s not jinx ourselves, she has yet to be allowed to “push”! 

Sara might kill me if I tried taking a picture of her in the middle of these contractions, but I’m really tempted…just to remind her of what she won’t remember later! Hence, the return to the blog!


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