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Standing to Walk


Mark this day down in your calendar, April 3, 2010. While the first picture in this sequence may look like you are “mooning” the camera, it’s actually a historic moment and why I’ve asked you to write it down.

Coen Gets to Standing on His Own

Coen Gets to Walk on His Own

Though the picture is of you sticking your booty in the air, it’s for the purpose of standing to walk. This is a task, which to this point, you had yet to complete and now on this date, you were successful not once, not twice but three times!

We are so very proud of you! With all the hurdles you’ve had to overcome, we’re proud of you for getting to this point on your own.


Your First Temper Tantrum


Last night, you had what could be described as your first official “Temper Tantrum”. Now, some people have made a point to remind me that it “wasn’t cool” of me to actually take pictures DURING the event, but I thought I should at least document the first one. Since you are my son, I figure there are many more to come.

Coen’s First Temper Tantrum

However, tonight you did something really amazing…you walked between your mom and I for more than 3 steps. I’m talking 5 or six at one point, I just didn’t get them ALL on camera but I have a few minutes I’d like to share with you to show you how proud we were!